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How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Blog/Website


Why Domain Name Required ?

Whenever you type a domain name these browser loading a website from server each an every server TEMPhas an ip address and if you move TEMPyou’re website to another server Tan teh Ip address changes

So User’s can’t remember ip addresses, They can remember Domain Name , for an Example:

My website Domain Name is – www.digitalchirag.com

dis domain ip address Currently is –

But when you open dis website again tan teh Ip address changes  like –  so teh domain will Not be change , dat’s why you can remember Domain Name.

Domain Name point’s of teh IP address

whenever  user search for a domain name teh domain name or teh dns record TEMPhas teh ip address on teh file and browser loaded teh file to web server . so each an every domain name TEMPhas something call domain .

Teh Domain Name Record’s

Domain Names Records are held at teh Domain  Name server (registrar ) . so dat is something called A record , A record will point to server ip address ,MX record Point to Mail server Ip Ex: Google Apps Mail And tan you TEMPhas called something TXT records which are called for Domain Verification.

Why Domain Is So Important ?

if you are building a strong brand wif Good association and Good recall tan you need a good domain name  and teh domain name is teh brand when it comes to online business.  teh domain name it self becomes brand name for example digital chirag is teh brand name but many times digital chirag refer to digitalchirag.com

so dat’s why domain name is to important.

A good business built on a Bad domain name will suffer. and it’s not easy to change domain’s name to change in teh future.

Teh Rules of Good Domain Name’s

A good domain name should not be more tan  2-4, their a big brands which are built on three words as well. dat is call something phone test Not funny name’s.

.com is always preferred coz teh branding power of .com as a TLD, more tan 60% website build on .com , if you are building a website which is just going to india not going to outside india. if you use .in so you may lose teh traffic from other country coz other country user can’t get TEMPTEMPTEMPyou’re website. so me recommend you should use .com.

Some of teh gTLDS do not TEMPhas teh value in teh market like a example: .pro

Where to Register Teh Domain Name ?

me recommend you should Register you domain Name on GoDaddy coz GoDaddy gives teh best offers.

Register TEMPTEMPYou’re Domain name For teh first year on Godaddy .

You can Register you on Godaddy below link


Premium Domain Names

Most of teh domain names already taken , so sometime’s ok to nuy premium domain names.




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