Content is the central pillar of digital marketing and everything else is built around it.  we will learn about the different types of online content, the different delivery formats and the content hosting platforms. This is one of the important lessons to learn if you want to have a strong hold on content marketing fundamentals.


Why Content Is Important ?


Content is so important because content forms the top of the funnel. Content is usually brand first touch point with a customer (it can even be an ad). If you have more content then you basically having a wider top of the funnel and if you have wider top of the funnel then you can attract more people into the funnel which means you have more customers.

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You should also make sure the quality of content that you publish is very good so i would say that the quality of content can related to suction power in the funnel , where if you don’t have good quality content then it’s like funnel does not have enough suction power, which means you will not be able to attract people with you content, so you should use a good quality content.



The Different Types Of Online Content


  • The first type is  Gyan or Knowledge type of articles. these types of article generated by you or your post’s write’s or the people in your content team.


  • Then you have interviews, case studies and expert roundup- This is generate by you and also other users. 


  • Third type of Content is Data , Data we have surveys results , analysis that generated by you and users.


  • You have user generate content or mostly organized by you but generated by the users Reviews, Submissions , and content competitions are some examples of users generated content.


  • You have content curation , content curation basically you are going to organized some of the best content around the web , so here very little content created by you.


So these are the different types of Online content but online content can be deliver in different format as well.


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Different Content Delivery Formats


  • Text : Text can be article on the blog, email, content , social media posts, e-books, printed books
  • Audio Content : Audio content such have Podcasts and audio file.
  • Visual Content : Visual Content such have Infographics, Images , Memes, Slide desks, Interactive Charts, all these are visual content.
  • Audio Visual Content : Audio visual content basically Recorded Videos, Live Videos, Screencasts, animations or any type of video.


So all the different type of content can be delivered all these delivery formats and these are deliver in different platforms include Browsers, Apps, PDFs or any type of Platform .



we will go ahead and explore in depth Each and Every Types of online content and what can be done inside That type.


1. Gyan

Gyan is the first type in different type of online content , so gyan can be publish in personal experiences , thought leadership articles , it could be top 10 list then you have product reviews which is the major part of Affiliate Marketing , you have products comparisons which have like reviews but you compare different products and then you have very major category which is News a lot of news websites of blogs publish news in a particular category.



2. interviews, case studies and expert roundup

Here could be interviews , interviews can be any delivery format , then you have case studies and then you have expert roundup posts. So when you look at interviews you are asking basically different questions to a single person and when comes to expert roundup posts asking to the same questions to multiple expert and going to publish your blog.



3. Data

Data can be survey , polls , or quiz results , it can be analysis of any specific topic backed by data published by someone else, it can be templates and worksheets.



4. User generated content

User generated content can be guest posts or contributions on your blog , it could be competitions where you conduct a competition for people to submit Memes , articles , videos , photos or  any other format in content but in particular category. Then you have user’s reactions and comments inside blog post so those also user generated content then you have post and survey with instant results,  forums and groups are great source of user generated content.



5. Content Curation

Content curation basically collection of the best content from around the web (for your users). A small comment ,a quote and then a link. so this can be sharing useful content with the audience forums or social media. As a friend shares good content with a friend. Helps not being seen as overly self promotion.



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