1. Ixigo Kavach

Ixigo has introduced ‘ixigo Kavach’ – a smart lock for stress-free travel which is developed with cutting-edge technology. 
‘ixigo Kavach’ is a fully protected device which can only be unlocked via one’s phone or fingerprint. The device activates various lock modes such as ‘electronic shockwave’ which gives out an extreme electric shock if someone tries stealing the bag.


The integrated mobile app always working in the background to protect your locked bag and luggage. Whether you can use any one option for making a sound or giving an electronic shock. 

You need to use your fingerprint or Mobile Bluetooth to Unlock ixigo lock.

When it activated if anyone or any thief want to grab your bag or luggage and run away from you, the lock will automatically sense the distance between your paired device and plays sound or gives a continuous electronic shock over 5.0 meter of distance.

2. Wearable Keyboard

In Future you don’t need to touch your phone for typing , chatting or anything else. i know google assistance also working for it but this technology will make your life very easier. 
a wearable Bluetooth keyboard that converts finger movements into keypresses, so you can tap out messages using any surface as a virtual keyboard.  

Tapping with each finger will see a character or number appear on the screen, and it’s possible to punctuate and insert special characters using different gestures.

Any surface you can type in your phone by wearable keyboard . 
Its use goes beyond virtual keyboard control, and Tap Systems founder Ran Poliakine envisages it being used for playing music on digital devices and being incorporated into mixed reality hardware such as Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

3. Xenxo S-Ring

Xenxo S-Ring  make’s your life easier because  Xenxo want’s to help’s you to attend call or access fast your file’s  it’s allows you to attend calls on the go, store important files and much, much more. 

With your cellular device tucked safely away in your pocket or bag, you can now use a smart ring to answer those all important calls. 

The wearable can also be used for confidential file storage, Google and Siri connectivity, gesture control, as a silent alarm, to make NFC payments on the go, as a Bluetooth Key, it reminds you if you forget your phone, allows you to send SOS alerts and more. An impressive list, most will agree.

4.   Fingerprint Encrypted Pen Drive

  1. High-speed recognition.
  2. Double Sectors Push-and-pull Design.
  3. Users can access data in public sector after plug the pen drive.
  4. Secure Sector can only be reached and accessed by users passing the Fingerprint authentication.

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